Company History

The history of the Kershaw Companies in the Yakima Valley began more than 125 years ago when our family headed west from Philadelphia and one of the eight children in the family, my great, great grandfather Robert Kershaw, decided to settle in the Naches Valley. Originally, Robert Kershaw focused on raising cattle, but the expanded availability of irrigation water following the passage of the Reclamation Act of 1902 encouraged him to move into fruit ranching. We started with pear orchards and added apples shortly thereafter.

Over the years, the Kershaw Companies have grown into a vertically integrated organization to include farming, warehousing, sales, marketing and logistic services.In 1981, Ed and Bob Kershaw, members of the fourth generation of Kershaws in the Yakima Valley, launched Domex Superfresh Growers to help bring our fruit and other growers fruit to market. The Company is now led by fifth generation Robert Kershaw, President.

In 2009 DSG Logistics was born from the visionaries that made Domex Superfresh Growers one of the world’s largest growers and marketers of apples, pears and cherries and became recognized worldwide for its produce expertise and pioneering work in freshness. Integral to the company's success was its transportation division, which now operates independently and serves the entire produce industry. DSG Logistics is led by fifth generation family member Kevin Kershaw, Director of Transportation.

“We have been farming the land in eastern Washington for over 125 years and share the same American farming family values as the many Superfresh growers who grow fruit for the Domex Superfresh Growers brand. Namely, to grow and deliver safe and healthy fruit to families around the world”.

As today's global produce industry becomes more complex and offers more consumer choices, we remain singularly focused on providing safe and healthy food. Today's environment mandates that consumers receive a terrific eating experience while maintaining Nature's delicate balance. Our experience, technology and passion are the soul of our family's commitment and they all come together to make a difference that makes all the difference.

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Our Values


We will be the best grower in the world at connecting our production from the land to the end consumer.


We will stay true to the foundational principles of the last four generations and our current stakeholders. We will transact business with honesty, a sense of urgency and integrity in such a manner that the company thrives into the next generations.

Our Difference Makes All The Difference™

It’s our commitment

Our Difference Makes All The Difference™ conveys a commitment so deep, it drives us to work much differently than other companies in the produce industry. While we constantly seek to improve consumers’ experience with our products, we remain customer-focused as well, responding quickly and meaningfully to your changing needs.  And when it comes to core values like performance, honesty and integrity, we never stop raising the bar.

It’s our culture

Our Difference Makes All The Difference™ speaks volumes about our programs, and says even more about our people. People with proven wisdom and precise instincts born of five farming generations, yet possessing the youth and vitality that keep our thinking always fresh, always fearless. That’s a difference that permeates our entire business culture, and drives us to deliver on our commitments and performance standards with unmatched energy and intensity.

It’s our creed

Our Difference Makes All The Difference™ is a celebration of all that makes us unique. It’s a unifying mantra that brings us together in connecting our customers – and their customers – with the finest fruit in the world. It drives us to pursue fresh ideas and bold innovations. It fuels our pride and passion. It makes working with us a very rewarding experience.