Supporting Our Common Goals

October 15, 2013

With information at their fingertips, consumers are turing into researchers and increasingly wanting to know more about their produce. As the speed and complexity of global communications accelerates they remain focused on a few, very important details when it comes to their food. They want to know what they are eating is healthy, safe and responsibly grown. 

Using a proprietary social data analysis tool we are discovering and actively engaging in conversations with consumers related to the fresh fruits we grow and market. We are supporting healthy ideas that drive consumption and working with our retail partners to educate an inspire our consumers.  

Our new website, "Picture a Healthier You" health initiative and inbound marketing strategy help us communicate our story, while gaining valuable analytical information and insights that allow us better work together to quickly adapt to changing marketplace demands. 

Listening for what is “trending now” combined with our profit planning strategies, category analysis and customer planning will directly benefit our partnerships and allow us to work together to delight consumers everywhere.

Connect with us and let's talk about promoting fresh produce and inspiring healthy ideas.