Red Delicious

Flavor Profile: Sweet, juicy, subdued flavor, an international favorite

Flavor Pairings:

The sweet crunch of the classic Red Delicious apple makes it particularly well suited to fresh uses. The bold color of the skin contributes a striking contrast to other ingredients as well, particularly sliced to add to a green salad or chopped to stir into a chicken salad or coleslaw. Fresh bright flavors such as ginger, chives, and mint go well with Red Delicious apples, while the complex sweetness of honey compliments the apple well, too.

Preparation Ideas:

  • Top slices of Red Delicious apple with a blend of cream cheese, finely chopped walnuts, minced chives and blue cheese for a great cocktail nibble.
  • Stir chopped Red Delicious apple and honey into oatmeal.
  • Toss sliced Red Delicious apples with sliced endive, sprigs of watercress and an apple cider-ginger vinaigrette dressing.

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