Golden Delicious

Flavor Profile: Fresh and floral, with a slight tart finish, firm texture.

Flavor Pairings:

There is a floral freshness and moderate sweetness to the Golden Delicious apple that makes it a great choice to accompany flavors that are neither very sweet nor very tart. It is a quintessential apple pie apple, to which you might consider adding chopped hazelnuts for a wonderful contrast of flavor and texture. This apple loves the warm flavors of spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice.

Preparation Ideas:

  • Add chopped Golden Delicious apple to bread pudding for dessert, adding a couple dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg to the mixture.
  • Sauté slices of Golden Delicious apple with butter and maple syrup to serve over pancakes or waffles.
  • Braise wedges of Golden Delicious with chicken or turkey sausages, sliced onions and apple cider for a hearty main course.

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  • Cameo October - June
  • Cripps Pink November - May
  • Fuji January - December
  • Gala January - December
  • Golden Delicious January - December
  • Granny Smith January - December
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