Cripps Pink

Bright flavor, honey and a hint of butteriness with subtle acidic finish.

Flavor Pairings:

This popular apple among the newer varieties has a bright flavor with a touch of butteriness that makes it a great option for many culinary uses. The Pink Lady apple pairs particularly well with savory ingredients, such as onion, chili peppers, dill thyme, pink peppercorns and cheeses. Among cheeses, milder types such as Monterey Jack and medium cheddar pair particularly well with Pink Lady, as do seasoned cheeses such as Boursin. Rose wine, a summertime tradition, is a great partner for Pink Lady apples.

Preparation Ideas:

  • Stuff chicken breasts with slices of Pink Lady apple and fontina cheese before baking.
  • Add finely diced Pink Lady apple to a salsa of sweet onion, fresh chilies, tomato and cilantro to serve with corn chips or spoon over grilled halibut.
  • Bake Pink Lady apples whole with a simple filling of chopped hazelnuts, orange zest, honey and butter for a simple dessert.

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Cripps Pink
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