June Orchard Update with Dave Gleason

June 23, 2017

Dave Gleason, Chief Horticulturist, reports from high elevation orchards in the beautiful upper Yakima Valley. Cherry season started a few weeks prior, and the fruit is looking great: sweet, juicy, firm and delicious!

Gleason explains that the diverse growing areas of Washington State help to extend the harvest. Low elevation districts have higher heat units, warming up faster in the spring and staying warmer into the summer months. Higher elevations districts, have cooler spring temperatures, with harvest coming later in the summer. Gleason shows off a high elevation cherry orchard, where the quality is looking fabulous. Over the next few weeks, the fruit will grow in size, and the color will deepen to the dark red that Superfresh Growers® is known for in their Dark Sweet cherries.

Apple harvest is still a few months out, but the orchard team is busy preparing the crop load. The team is walking through the orchards, apple by apple, tree by tree, adjusting the crop where needed to make sure we get the best size and color at harvest time.

Gleason finishes the video expressing his passion about growing tree fruit, “The sun is shining, skies are blue, and it reminds us everything we love about growing in Washington State.”