Superfresh Growers® Introduces Two-Bite Cherries™

May 23, 2017

Big summer flavor is coming, with the introduction of branded Two-Bite Cherries from Domex Superfresh Growers®. Customers will soon be able to enjoy jumbo, juicy, and full-of-flavor cherries from the Northwest orchards of Superfresh Growers.

In July and August, retailers will be able to offer large, specially-branded Two-Bite Dark Sweet and Rainier cherries from Domex Superfresh Growers, according to Mike Preacher, Director of Marketing. The program is designed to deliver a premium, special cherry offering that complements retailer’s "every day" bag cherry programs.

"In July and August, we are expecting a terrific crop of large sized Dark Sweet and Rainier cherries," says Preacher. "Customers will be able to share these jumbo cherries at summer picnics, barbecues and pool parties. For retailers, the sale will be incremental and deliver a higher ring at the register."

The Two-Bite cherry program will be available in pouch bags and clam shells, and will be rolled out with a full marketing program. It will be incorporated into the popular annual Sweeten Up Your Summer™ sweepstakes, and for the month of July, Superfresh Growers will be interacting with the social community, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, increasing cherry consumption, and giving away a total of $1,750 in gift card prizes. The program is designed to increase cherry purchases, and engage in online conversation about cherry season, which created a successful 20 million impressions in 2016.

During the past decade, Superfresh Growers has continually invested in varieties and locations with the objective of creating large, delicious fruit, while extending the cherry season.

“Cherries are one of the produce department’s top-dollar items, and we recognize the importance of helping retailers creatively optimize their cherry sales outside of the traditional Fourth of July and Canada Day promotional period,” says Preacher.

To find out more about how Superfresh Growers can support your summer cherry program, reach out to Mike Preacher: