Autumn Glory® Continues to the Apple Madness Edible Eight

March 16, 2017

Apple fans nationwide have rallied together and voted for Autumn Glory® as a favorite apple in the US Apple Association  “Apple Madness” tournament. The tournament brings apple fans together online, voting for their favorite apples from an original 32 varieties in a five-week, five-round online competition.

Autumn Glory beat Lady Alice in the “Fresh 32,” and went on to beat Cortland in the “Vitamin-C-Sixtreen.” Autumn Glory is now in the “Edible Eight,” with Gala as it’s opponenet.

Apple fans have continued their Autumn Glory praise during the tournament: 

“I have never had a better tasting apple with the perfect crunch! Autumn Glory could easily be my most favorite fruit!”- Cydne D.

“I just had to tell you how I LOVE Autumn Glory apples!” – José

“Autumn Glory apples are the best apples of my life! My adult son and I are both addicted!” –Mark

After the Edible Eight, Autumn Glory still has the “Fiber Four: and the “National Chomp-ionship” to go! So… to all the Josés, Cydnes and Marks out there….  Let’s do this!

Here’s how it works:

Visit throughout March, vote once each day to make sure your picks advance to the next weekly round. Voters will have chances to win prizes all month long, but the GRAND prize (an entire 3-month supply of apples!) will be awarded to the person whose predictions most closely match the round-by-round outcomes. One of the prizes includes a box of Autumn Glory apples!


Simply visit

Prediction Period (Feb. 22-28): Lock in your predictions

Round 1 (March 1-7): The Fresh 32

Round 2 (March 8-14): Vitamin-C Sixteen

Round 3 (March 15-21): Edible Eight

Round 4 (March 22-27): Fiber Four

Round 5 (March 28-31): National Chomp-ionship



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