Autumn Glory® Apple-Cranberry Salsa

February 2, 2017

With the Super Bowl just a few days away, everyone will be bringing their favorite chips and dip recipe to share. Wow you friends with this unique twist on a classic! The cinnamon caramel notes of Autumn Glory blend beautifully with the cranberry base of this salsa. Creator The Kitchen Paper writes, “my friend made some killer cranberry salsa – we were immediately hooked. I was chatting with the folks from Autumn Glory apples and thought OMG let’s make cranberry salsa WITH THESE DELICIOUS APPLES!” She writes later, “We have an apple-cranberry inhalation situation. Can’t stop/won’t stop!”

Sounds like it’s time to grab the food processor and make this simple salsa!

Note: The Kitchen Paper writes, “To make this recipe, I combined everything except for the cranberries and apples in the food processor and pulsed until it was pretty finely chopped. I didn’t want any big onion chunks in the finished product. Then, I added the cranberries and got them pretty well chopped up. Finally, I added apple slices — I was okay with having a few slightly larger apple chunks, and didn’t want to over-process the whole thing into apple sauce!”

Total Time: 5 min
Yields: 1 quart

2 teaspoons lime juice
½ white onion, roughly chopped
1 jalapeño, stem removed
½ cup packed cilantro leaves
2-3 tablespoons sugar (start with 2, add more as needed)
½ tsp salt
12 ounces fresh cranberries
2 Autumn Glory® apples, cored and sliced
Apple slices, pita chips, or tortilla chips, for serving

Combine all ingredients, except for the cranberries and apples, in a food processor. Pulse until mostly chopped into small (1/4"-1/2") pieces. Add the cranberries and pulse again until roughly chopped. Add the sliced Autumn Glory apples and pulse until the pieces are no bigger than ¼" in diameter. Add more sugar if necessary.

Serve with sliced apple, pita chips, or tortilla chips.

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