Employee Wellness

By providing a safe, healthy and pleasant work environment, our employees remain enthusiastic, involved and focused on producing the highest quality and safest fruit shipped to all corners of the world. From bootcamp workout sessions and field staff fiestas to continuing education and scholarships, we have established programs that help create a better working environment for all of our employees.

Mind, Body and Soul

Exercise contributes to a healthy body and healthy mind. During the lunch hour we offer bootcamp workout sessions where our staff members can build teamwork while building their health. Our campus style facility affords staff members the opportunity to run, walk or just breathe the crisp, clean air during breaks. We encourage participation in active lunch hours with trained fitness professionals to manage each bootcamp workout with access to on-site showers to complete the invigorating workout. Employees are also encouraged to use the custom built soccer and football fields on our campus to exercise or compete on during breaks or after work. These practice fields offer the ideal location to train for the many employee athletic teams that we sponsor in local recreational leagues.

At the end of each harvest and packing season we host celebratory lunches and fiestas with our staff as a way to say “thank you” and let them know we value them as key participants in our success. Many of these events are shared with family members with different fun events to keep everyone entertained.


Our confidential employee Hotline was established to empower our employees to report health and safety violations as well as to provide an opportunity for them to anonymously voice their opinions, concerns and comments in order to affect change. It has also assisted our efforts to minimize the risk of ethics violations.